POLYELITE® is a range of polyolefin-based films and bags suitable for pharmaceutical packaging of solutions and drug infusion fluids with excellent properties ; transparency, flexibility and high impact strength.

hPOLYELITEhproduction factory

POLYELITE production facility;
Medix Showa Co., Ltd.


œ Powder Collection Rate of 99.99“

EMono-flat Structure™ enables increased strength of connection between ferrule and film,
  and minimizes residue.

œ Compatible with ISO 4" Size Ferrule

œ Made of Additive-free Polyethylene
EAll materials conform with USP, EP and JP.
EFilm for FULL-FLAT BAG™ is filed with the US FDA Drug Master File.
EMaterial strength after gamma irradiation has been tested.

œ Highly-advanced Manufacturing Environment
EMono-flat Structure™ in ISO Class 5iClass 100j laminar airflow booth.
EBioburden is in conformance with ISO11137-2 VDmax 25.

¦FULL-FLAT BAG™ has been developed in collaboration with JGC Corporation.
¦Patent pending